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“We are not from Poland and we don’t play Bike Polo”

Here is the story of how POLOANDBIKE came to be…

It wasn’t that long ago that David and Irene were flight attendants. But in 2009 they found themselves in need of a life change and decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. David, inspired by his father’s passion for cycling, thought that his hometown of Gijon in northern Spain was lacking in this department and so a year later, ECO-LOGICA was born – the name of the husband and wife team’s first cycle shop and also their existing distribution company.

Business was going so well that before long they found themselves wanting to launch a fixed gear bicycle brand associated with the shop. At the same time, there was a new discipline trending around the world – bike polo. That name sounded appealing and although David didn’t know much about the sport, he had a bit of a reputation for wearing nothing but Polo shirts and so the name stuck. The first generation of POLOANDBIKE was very much fashioned around this style and the brand began to evolve around the name.

As a homegrown family business, David and Irene never thought that the brand would progress into what it has become. Selling affordable fixed gear bikes to a small handful of shops turned into selling professional track bikes in over 22 countries. In the end, POLOANDBIKE is another success story in which hard work, passion, perseverance and attitude ended up paying off.

POLOANDBIKE has a story and we wanted to share it with you.