Fresh news. POLOANDBIKE is the main sponsor for the world’s toughest track bike race, “CIELOS INFERNALES”. The second edition of this unique race takes place in the city of Bogotá (Colombia). Bogota sits at 2,644m/8,675 feet metres above sea level, and you can expect to climb to heights of over 3,300m/11,000ft asl. Bumpy roads an heavy traffic will make the race even harder.

Team POLOANDBIKE brings Gonzalo Andrés for this special occasion. We are looking forward to landing in Bogotá and meeting our friends there. 


More info:

“Cielso Infernales”: The second running of the world’s toughest track bike race takes place in Bogota this December.

Racers must make their way from one mountain top checkpoint to the next, doing so self supported and self navigated. A phone and GPS is recommended. There is no support vehicle, or a printed map provided.
Checkpoints and suggested route will be provided closer to race day.

15,000 Colombian Pesos (Approx. 5 USD)
Prizes provided by race sponsors. No major cash prizes. We race to say we completed it, not for stuff.

Bogota sits at 2,644m/8,675 feet metres above sea level, and you can expect to climb to heights of over 3,300m/11,000ft asl.
The average temperature in December is around 18°C/65°F, and you can expect a thundershower or two. Keep in mind that the higher you climb the colder it will be.
Road conditons range from sealed road in good condition, to potholed, and even sections of dirt road. Traffic in Bogota is a bad. Traffic in the city and on some of the climbs/descents is heavy.

– Racers must be 18 years or older.
– All racers must sign the risk/waiver form on the day of the race.
– Track bike only. No geared or freewheel bikes are allowed to start the race or ride with.
– Ride it how you want it: Risers, drops, bullhorns – we don’t care, just make sure it’s fixed. Brakes are permitted, but the podium is only for brakeless. Seriously consider using a brake for your own safety, only 3 incredibly strong athletes will make each podium.
– No outside assistance allowed: No cars, motorbikes or non-racers may help you, be that by offering food, mechanical assistance, skitching, etc. Other racers may offer assistance, but this is not a team race and you are not permitted to work as a team.
Only motorbikes with prior clearance by race organisation are allowed to tag along during the race.
– All checkpoints close at the set time. Checkpoint volunteers will leave after that.
– Racers with lost or incomplete manifests (laminated card) will be judged as DNF (Did Not Finish). No Strava record or other evidence will be accepted. Seriously.
– Racers must obey all traffic signals and rules.