Brooklyn NYC, first race of this year’s series…

Planned on arriving 3 days earlier to chill out with the crowd and teams, enjoy the coolest pre-events and people, do some training, tune the bikes, rest well and relax before the race… So we did and enjoyed the most of it.

One week earlier weather forecasted cold wind and rain, it was terribly right. RHC had to happen during the worst 24 hours of freezing and wet weather that month. Every single rider had to cope with his/her own fears, the pressure and nerves, make no weather drama and still race full speed.

This first chapter of Red Hook Criterium shows how these urban track-bike brakeless riders have no less character and skills than the pros. Most of us even like to think they even have more merit than pro-tours. This is a rare breed of common men and women who simply love cycling: bike messengers, amateur riders, pros and semi pros having a blast when put to their limit, showing their muscle and giving it all in an overly challenging course.

We are sure that most of the teams, riders and spectators had their best RHC weekend last March 29th at Brooklyn. Congratulations to the crowd, teams, riders, volunteers, RHC sponsors and organizers!

Would there be any other RHC race so challenging? Would any of the participants regret being part of this recent piece of RHC history? Would anyone forget what we all lived in Brooklyn?